Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order to acquire or use the coupons brought to you by you don't have to provide any personal information like name, id, phone number or address etc. Simply click on the coupon that holds your interest and it would route you to the store page of the respective coupon so that you can check out the product and get all the details you want for your satisfaction.

The only job of is to direct you to the respective store that is why in case of any misuse of your credit card's information or theft, will not be held responsible at all.

We allow the customer to access our Newsletter by registering their name and email address, phone number, billing address and shipping address to us so we can inform them the news of all the new available deals and also about the upcoming deals.

Newsletters are send to both home address and email address, it depends on which method is chosen. In order to remain in contact with the website for future business, customer can make an account by opting for a password and a username of their choice. For customers' safety the website does not share the username and password with any third party instead they are kept confidential at all times.

In case a customer faces any inconvenience with the emails, the customer can unsubscribe from our Newsletter community by simply clicking the unsubscribe button or can contact the support team through an email and his issue will be resolved as soon as possible.